January 2, 2016


The end of 2015 is behind us now, and it’s time to look forward to the year ahead. But we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that the New Year is bringing some changes. Sousaphonist and founding member Matt Brinkmann is moving on, and we wish him the very best. We call Matt “The Quiet Storm,” and he’s been solid as a rock, holding down the low end with incredible precision and great athleticism, without a doubt the hardest working member of the band. He may stand in the back, often unnoticed apart from that gigantic brass instrument he’s holding, but he has been the literal foundation of the band since we began back in 2008. The photo above (by Crystal Rolfe) shows a passing of the torch — or in this case, the sousaphone wreath from our holiday shows — to new addition Cody Henry, who will slide into Matt’s spot in the back extremely capably and well-prepared. We are sad to see Matt go, without question, but we are pumped about the prospect of Cody in the band. And Matt will continue to fill in from time to time, so you’ll likely see him onstage with us again in the near future. But as the near future approaches, we’re excited to see what surprises it may have in store for us.

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