January 4, 2020


The days, months and years march on, and so do we. Happy to have made it to 2020 with most of our sensibilities intact, and thrilled to announce the impending release of our latest studio album, entitled Onward. The title reflects the act of putting one foot in front of the other, again and again, and moving forward artistically, personally and professionally. We soldier on over various speed bumps, never truly knowing the destination but enjoying the road to getting there. But enough philosophical stuff — let’s talk about the record! It’s 12 tunes, including seven brand-new originals and five interpretations of interestingly chosen cover songs. We have some very special guests on the album, including rising lap steel star Roosevelt Collier (rooseveltcollier.com) on our original, “Burn,” and the always-inspiring Anita Jackson doing the Blue Lu Barker classic, “Don’t You Feel My Leg.” Helping us out on keys were David Grelle, Al Holliday and Adaron “Pops” Jackson, so you know it’s gonna be soulful and funky. We’re really excited for you to hear it, so we’re hosting a CD release party at Off Broadway at 3 pm on Sunday, January 26th, with the River Kittens opening. Thanks to Jason McEntire and Sawhorse Studios for engineering and mixing, and to Brad Sarno for his mastering mastery, as always. Please join us as we continue to move…Onward!

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