January 3, 2018


Holy cow, it’s 2018. The good news is, it’s no longer 2017. That year kinda sucked, if we can be honest with you. So now it’s time to set some new goals, and we don’t mean the gotta-lose-weight-gotta-lay-off-the-booze-gotta-buy-the-wife-flowers-more-often kind of resolutions, although all of those are certainly worth shooting for. We’re talking about loftier goals, like cooler and smarter heads in government, actual equality for all humans, and real help for those less fortunate than ourselves. From a band perspective, those lofty goals might include more shows, more travel and maybe even a new record by summer. Here’s hoping we all strive to attain our goals, and that you, dear friends, enjoy a 2018 full of peace, love and music.

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