Credit: Corey Woodruff

If you’re interested in booking Funky Butt Brass Band for an authentic New Orleans-style second line parade, please contact Talent Plus Entertainment, (314) 421-9400. If you have no earthly idea what a New Orleans-style second line looks, sounds and feels like, just click on the video below for a quick cultural lesson. To our friends in the greater New Orleans area, please take note: We are based in St. Louis, Missouri.  We’re more than happy to venture 670 miles down the Mississippi to parade for you, but you’re probably not going to be happy with what we have to charge you. And we’d hate to deprive a great New Orleans-based brass band an opportunity to make some money!


Credit: Lindsay Blum


Courtesy of Brian and Stefanie Malone


Credit: PhotoJoe99



“There is nothing quite like being marched to the reception hall by a brass band. We’re a month after our wedding and our guests can’t stop talking about it. And neither can we.”     ~ Brian and Stefanie

“Thank you so much for taking time to be a part of our Wedding day.  You guys were truly phenomenal and made both the ceremony and reception so unique and special.  We received tons of great feedback from our guests as well.”  ~ Kelly and Brian