October 4, 2018


If you want to find out more about us and where we’re playing next, this is a great place to start. But you can also keep tabs on us via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. If you have photos or videos from one of our shows, we hope you’ll share them with us. We love making new friends and getting feedback on our performances, but mostly we just like looking at ourselves. There are a lot of great shows coming up to wrap up the year, and our 10th annual Holiday Brasstravaganza is seemingly right around the corner. We’ll be doing our usual holiday thing at Off Broadway on Friday, December 14th and Saturday, December 15th, with a kids’ matinee on Saturday afternoon. This year, to celebrate our 10th year, we’re adding another kids’ matinee and early evening show on Sunday, December 16th. As 2018 glides to a finish, we hope to see you soon!

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