June 29, 2019


It’s been a tough month for fans of New Orleans music. The world lost two bonafide legends and a wonderful singer-songwriter who never quite achieved legendary status, but whose passing is sad just the same. Dr. John, The Night Tripper, or as he was known in his earthly guise, Mac Rebennack, gave us so much amazing music in his inimitable style. He was one of the flag-bearers for the entire New Orleans piano genre for decades. Dave Bartholomew lent his considerable talents as a writer, producer, arranger and trumpet player to help bring Fats Domino into the limelight and form one of the early building blocks of rock-and-roll. And Spencer Bohren, much lesser-known but universally loved, was a talented storyteller and singer who carried his unique folk style and NOLA sensibilities around the world. We’re not a New Orleans band, but the music and culture are in our DNA, and these artists are among those who have influenced and inspired us from the very beginning. They will be missed, but happily, the gifts they gave us all will never fade away.

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