June 22, 2014


As many of you have probably heard by now, our trumpet player Adam Hucke was struck in the shoulder by a stray bullet on June 19. The incident happened as some knuckleheads with guns decided to stage their own OK Corral at the White Castle across from the Broadway Oyster Bar, where Adam was playing with another band. We could make jokes about the perils of playing with other bands or the dangers of eating at White Castle, but this is a serious issue, made even more serious when the theoretical becomes personal. The good news (awesome news, really) is that Adam is OK, and he should be back to drinking Bud Light Lime and wailing onstage in plenty of time for our upcoming shows. This was a random incident that could have happened anywhere, anytime, to anyone — which is the beginning of a rant about current gun laws best saved for another day and another forum. In the meantime, here’s to Adam, who literally took a bullet for his art. GB.

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