October 31, 2016


It’s never too early to think about the holidays. Just ask anyone in retail who insists upon putting up their Christmas decorations in October. But this is the time of year we get ready for our annual Holiday Brasstravaganza, which will take place at Off Broadway on December 16th and 17th. This is the eighth time we’ve put on this holiday-bash-and-pajama-party, and we’re just as excited now as we were with the seven that have come before. Why, you might say we’re like a kid at Christmas! As always, we’ll have special guests joining us onstage — Al Holliday, Emily Wallace, Big Mike Aguirre, Ben Reece, Matt Brinkmann, Matt Henry, Derick Tramel, Phil Wright, Steve Ewing (Friday), Roland Johnson (Saturday), Eric Lysaght (Friday), Jerry Jost (Saturday), Bob Bennett and our favorite ukulele-playing burlesque vixen, Miss Mimi Le Uke. Plus a visit from Santa Claus and all the trappings that make our holidays shows so damned special. We’ll be gifting you with more details soon, and we hope you’ll join us for one or both shows in December. These shows have sold out in the past, so why wait?  Get your tickets here.

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